Patrick H.

Tour Guide at Florida Southern College

Class of 2021

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Major: Biology

Concentration: Pre-medical

Minor: Chemistry

What is your favorite FSC memory?

My favorite FSC memory was hosting a scholar over Scholars Weekend. I had the chance to meet a potential classmate and host him for a night. We spoke about his goals and expectations of college, as well as ate pancakes and played volleyball on our D1 sand volleyball court. It was a beautiful way of giving back to FSC as well as getting know to a potential member of our community.

Involvement (clubs/organizations):

I am involved in greek life and Southern Ambassadors. Both organizations have allowed me to gain the qualities of a leader, as well as, help round me out as an individual.

What is your favorite spot/thing to do in Lakeland?

My favorite thing to do in Lakeland is go to Palace Pizza on Friday with my friend Nick. Nothing is more satisfying than finishing a long productive week of classes then driving seven minutes into town with your favorite song blasting and your windows down on a sunny day and then eating a delicious cheat meal as you make plans for your Friday night.

In my spare time I like to...

Hang out with my friends, lift weights, go to my boxing gym, sprint in the soccer field, and read articles about neurology. I love sports and science and hope to meet as many people as I can with the same interests.

I'm passionate about...


I'm involved with...

Honors Program Astronomy Tri Beta Biology Honorary southern ambassador
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