Kya H.

Tour Guide at Florida Southern College

Class of 2022

Hometown: Lakeland, FL

Major: Biology

Minor: Neuroscience

What has been your favorite class?

BIO1500 Biology 1 Lab! My first semester of college consisted of conducting research that contributed to a real world research initiative.

What is your favorite spot/thing to do in Lakeland?

The Lakeland Public Library is place I love to stop at during bike rides to pick up an iced tea from Black and Brew 2.

What is your favorite FSC memory?

My favorite FSC memory so far is playing a pick up game of beach volleyball while blasting my favorite tunes with my friends.

Why Florida Southern?

Florida Southern is my home away from home. Being a Lakeland resident, it was important for me to find a school that felt like an oasis and gave me a place to grow freely while still being close to home. The FSC community was a huge factor for me when deciding which school to commit to. Florida Southern has all the necessary resources for me to live and learn comfortably.

I'm passionate about...

Reading Writing Helping People Learning Neuroscience

I'm involved with...

ALLIES Southern Ambassadors Intramurals
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