Ellen A.

Tour Guide at Florida Southern College

Class of 2021

Hometown: Marco Island, FL

Major: Psychology

Secondary Major: Finance & Economics

Minor: Pre-Law

What is your favorite spot/thing to do in Lakeland?

Lakeland is such a great place to call home for the 8+ months of the year that we are in school. There are so many great places to go, like Black and Brew, a downtown restaurant/coffee shop. It may be one of my favorite places to go in Lakeland to get away from campus for a bit and enjoy a nice sandwich and coffee with friends. I also love to go on lake drives, walks, or bike rides with my friends. We are so fortunate to have Lake Hollingsworth right next to our campus and taking a drive around it with the windows down and music up can be just the right cure for finals blues.

Involvement (clubs/organizations):

I am involved as a Southern Ambassador and an Orientation Leader. I am the Fidelity Chairwoman for my sorority, Gamma Phi Beta, and I am a member of the business fraternity on campus, Delta Sigma Pi. I am also a member of the Psychology Club and the College Republicans Club. I am in the Honors Program as well, so I am involved in the Association of Honors Students. This year I also became an editor for the school yearbook Interlaken.

What has been your favorite class?

One of my favorite classes so far was the “What is Philosophy?” course. I took it to fulfill one of my general education requirements, and honestly, at first, was not looking forward to it very much. I didn’t have any interest in learning about Aristotle or Socrates. However, I ended up getting so much more out of this class than I could have ever expected. It taught me so much about thinking critically and I believe it made me a better student. I built a great student-teacher relationship with Dr. Nethery, who taught the class. He helped me with some questions I had in declaring my major. (I came in undecided.) I think this class not only taught me more about philosophy and critical thinking, but also about utilizing every resource available at Florida Southern, especially the professors!

What is your favorite FSC memory?

Ultimately, what’s on paper can only go so far. FSC is amazing; it has great guarantees like graduating in four years, being able to study abroad, and more. What really matters, though, is the people who you share these wonderful experiences with during the four years that you go through college. My favorite FSC memory is running down the hill on bid day to my wonderful sorority sisters. I gained so many lifelong friends that day and I am so lucky to be able to make memories with each one of them. I think joining something, whether it is a club, sports team, fraternity, etc., is the best thing anyone can do when they go to college. Finding people with the same values and interests to share your time with can be such a rewarding experience.

I'm passionate about...

Helping Others Engaged Learning Dogs Travel Foreign Culture Criminal Minds Working with Kids Netflix Playing/watching sports Eating Food Leadership Spending Time with Family & Friends Working at Summer Camps Community Service

I'm involved with...

Interlaken (School Magazine) Intramurals Psychology Club Association of Honors Students College Republicans Orientation Leader Delta Sigma Pi Business Fraternity Greek Life
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