Stephanie H.

Team Member at Florida Southern College

Class of 2018

Hometown: Houston, TX

Major: Advertising and Public Relations

Minor: English

Involvement (clubs/organizations):

Greek Life, Astronomy Club, Interlaken Magazine,

What has been your favorite class?

Communications Law with Dr. Trice has been my favorite class. I never expected to have the opportunity to study law in any respect, but absolutely loved learning about the Second Amendment and the judicial process in so much depth. It was really fun to debate in class, too!

What is your favorite spot/thing to do in Lakeland?

Downtown Farmers Market is definitely the place to be. I also love Concord Coffee and D’Lucas,

In my spare time I like to...

I love hanging out down at Lake Hollingsworth or taking a short drive up to Disney World.

I'm passionate about...

Disney Musicals Sports Reading Environmental Sustainablity

I'm involved with...

Astronomy Club
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