Kelsey E.

Team Member at Florida Southern College

Class of 2022

Hometown: Lakeland, FL

Major: Communications

Concentration: Interpersonal & Organizational, Advertising & Public Relations

Minor: Integrated Marketing Communication

Why Florida Southern?

My parents met at Florida Southern, since then they have lived in Lakeland. So I've always loved Florida Southern and Lakeland so when it was time to pick a college I knew FSC would be the best fit for me!

What is your favorite spot/thing to do in Lakeland?

My favorite thing in Lakeland is go to the Farmers Market on Saturday mornings, it's a fun way to explore Downtown Lakeland and get fresh fruit and other good food!

What has been your favorite class?

My favorite class was Intro to Communications, although it was a big class it seemed as if we were all friends. We always had a great time in class and we had a great professor as well.

I'm passionate about...

Swimming Jesus health and wellness

I'm involved with...

Florida Public Relations Association Campus Ministries Greek Life
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