Jessica S.

Tour Guide at Florida Southern College

Class of 2020

Hometown: Port Crane, NY

Major: Healthcare Administration

Minor: Business Administration, Economics and Finance

In my spare time I like to...

Spend time with family, watch movies and play any sport!

What is your favorite spot/thing to do in Lakeland?

My favorite activity in Lakeland is attending the farmers market downtown every Saturday morning. I love the food, music, and many vendors. I enjoy making stops to get caramel corn and fresh blueberries. They never disappoint!

What has been your favorite class?

My favorite class so far has been "Principles of Management." My teacher was a former manager at Lakeland Regional Hospital and that is the exact occupation I hope to have after graduating college. With that said, having that position means that she is a master of her field and I never had to doubt the accuracy and power of what she teaches. She inspired me to not only someday be an effective manager, but also to be a better person. This is just one of the many life-changing experiences I have had with professors at Florida Southern College.

What is your favorite FSC memory?

My favorite memory at Florida Southern College was during my first Farewell Festival. To be surrounded by so much fun and excitement made me stop and think about the moment and how bittersweet it would be to go home for the summer. Although I desperately missed my family, at that moment and time I realized how blessed I was to have something that made saying goodbye so hard.

I'm passionate about...

Living a Healthy Life Family Faith

I'm involved with...

Mental Health Club Womens Track Residential Advisor
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